Finding Hope in the Rituals of Grief - Amanda Held Opelt


21 July 2022

41 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

In this week’s podcast, we're honored to learn from Amanda Held Opelt about her latest book: "A Hole in the World: Finding Hope in Rituals of Grief and Healing." It’s a beautifully written book that explores ways to find faith and hope amid seasons of grief and suffering.

In this episode, Amanda talks with us about

• Becoming a social worker and serving as a chaplain
• Helping others overcome grief, trauma and loss
• How to support a grieving friend (and what not to say)
• What the Bible tells us about grief and suffering
• How to engage with God in the midst of trauma or crisis of faith
• Ways to help grieving friends (and loved ones) who don’t ask for help
• What she learned when studying grief rituals
• How the Christian concepts of faith and hope can help us during dark times

Amanda Held Opelt is an author, speaker, and songwriter. She writes about faith, grief, and creativity, and believes in the power of community, ritual, worship and shared stories to heal even our deepest wounds. Amanda has spent the last 15 years as a social worker and humanitarian aid worker. Learn more about her latest book:

You can watch the full video here: